Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tyson's Birthday School Snack & Lunch

On Friday, I sent Tyson to school with what he thought was just his daily snack and lunch.  However, I took the time to purchase a few new snacks and lunch items so that his birthday meal(s) at school would be exciting and fun to eat.  
This is his snack bag.  It contained a birthday napkin, cream cheese and chive crackers, gushers, gatorade, and a pack of basketball cards, along with a note that read, "I love you".  The gushers were a HUGE hit because they are something I normally refuse to purchase.  I might as well put candy in his lunch box.  I wrapped up a few of the items with wrapping paper.
 I decorated the outside of Tyson's pb&j sandwich with a sugar sheet alphabet.  
I also purchased birthday cookie cutters to shape 
Tyson's sandwich into fun shapes. 
 I am by no means an artist, but I tried to make his sandwich festive.
Inside of his lunch were a few small balloons.  One read, "Ty, Happy Birthday!! I also wrapped all of his food items using wrapping paper. Plus, a small note that read, "Make today fun!"
Our family came to eat lunch with him too!
Later that day, his classmates celebrated with him 
By enjoying mommy's homemade gourmet cupcakes!!!
 Tyson's teacher, Ms. Thomsen, took these photos for me with my camera.
 I can tell he felt really special.
And a little embarassed. 
 I love this smile!  I don't get to see it that often.  
 Class photos.