Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baseball 2013 GAME #3

This baseball season has been very MINIMAL thanks to the rain.  I left the camera at home for game #2, but I was able to capture a few during game #3.  One positive, we are undefeated.  Go Storm!!!!
My "little" baseball player up to bat.

 Coach Nick and Coach Scott.  I love catching the coaches in action.
 Gabe swings hard!
Dawson waiting for a ball to come his way!
Ok.... this photo is INCREDIBLY tear jerking.  "John-John" loves my babies like they are his own siblings.  Here, he carries them BOTH to the park!  I LOVE OUR CHURCH BODY!  The look on Jax's face is beyond priceless. Thanks to the Shaffer children, I am able to enjoy a little one on one focused time, devoted to Tyson.  I know he really appreciates it!