Monday, May 27, 2013

A Unexpected Visit...

My mom has been without a vehicle, due to a car accident, for over 2 months now. Darren and I decided to bless her with his car to help her avoid being sold a "lemon". She took a ONE way plane ride from Orlando, on Sunday, and will be driving back in her new, trusty Nissan Maxima.  Darren and I detailed it for her and filled it up with gas. It doesn't seem like she's in a rush to get home.  LOL!  But, when she does drive back, the car will be ready for her to kick it into high gear.  We don't know what Darren will be getting in place of his Maxima.  We are looking at 4-Runners, Pathfinders, and/or possibly a truck (yucko).  I'm pretty sure he has eliminated the truck as an option.  
My BFF allowed our boys to spend the night, on Saturday, so picking up my mom from the airport, at 8:45 am, would not be such a challenge.  Thanks Ashely!
Gram always arrives with special gifts in hand!  
We allowed Lilah to go to the airport in her pjs.