Sunday, May 19, 2013

"A Step In Time" Ballet Recital

Lilah had her 2nd Dance recital yesterday.  We were excited for her, but nervous about sitting through it.  The first recital was a disappointment.  NOT Llilah's part, just the rest of it.  I mean there were definitely a few dances that were incredible, but I think I realize now that having the first recital at an elementary school posed quite a few problems... sound and lighting being just two of them.

This recital BLEW the first recital OUT OF THE WATER.  It was BEYOND impressive.  I found myself laughing, crying, and dancing in my seat to almost every single song.  The dancers were amazing, classy, talented, graceful, and beautiful. ALL OF THEM.  From the costumes, to the songs, to the themes, it was all so wonderful to witness.  They even had the older girls do an "army" style tap.  They came out in very army, yet very GIRLY camo.  It was so extraordinary that I definitely want to keep Lilah dancing at Miss Mona's UNLESS she doesn't wish to dance anymore.
Miss Mona's School of Dance had their 2nd yearly recital on 
May 18th 
@ 2:00 pm 
@ the Jefferson Center.

It was called "A Step In Time"
The recital was broken up into many, many, many time periods.
For instance: "movie time", "times of day", "the 50's", "New York TIMES Square"
 Each dancer is to arrival "professionally" WITHOUT their costume on.
Lilah looked so sweet.  Mommy even let her put on a little make-up.
I snapped this photo back stage before I said good-bye and good luck.
The Jefferson Center has STRICT photography rules, so the rest of the photos are poor quality due to the "no-flash" photography rules.  Surprisingly, I still managed to get a few good ones, thanks to my trusty Cannon Rebel and LONG DISTANCE lens.
 Lilah's first song that she performed to was Brahms Lullaby Song.  
 She didn't seem nervous AT ALL.
This is my favorite dance move that she does.  I think she loves it too! :)
 Her class performed in the "Movie Time" section.  
Can you tell what movie this is from?
101 Dalmatians!!!!  She performed to the song "Wag More".
 A lot of these photos are her in action wagging etc....
It's hard to see, but if you look close, you can see her dog tail "wagging".
 I loved having her on the littlest "team".
Every time these girls walked out you would hear "Awe!!!!"
 This is a move she did on her belly!!
So precious.  I love her!
 I wish I would have taken MORE photos of some of the other acts.
This little boy, Parker, performed to the song from Grease.
He was so animated and PERFECT! It literally made me cry he was so cute.
The older ballerinas performed in a TON of songs.  Some tap, some ballet, and some hip hop.
Some of her fans included CAMI. 
Lilah was super excited to have her come and watch.
Cami loved the recital so much, 
She went home asking mom & dad if she could dance!
Daddy, Mommy, "Bro-Bro" and Jaxey!
Grandad and Grandee attended too.  We just didn't snap a photo.
Tyson has been curious and interested in the POP class offered at Miss M.
I think it would be FUN for Ty to take this class, but 
I wouldn't be thrilled about him being around a ton of girls!!!
Daddy is completely against this idea however. 
Being a ballerina is exhausting.  
Lilah fell asleep on the way home.
 Flowers from mommy and daddy.
And her other fans Cohen, Caleb, Presley, and Miss Ashely.
I told you... she doesn't forget a THING!

I'm going to buy the DVD, that they sell, so I hope to put Lilah's performances on the blog soon.