Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lilah Preps For Her Dance Recital

What does a ballerina do the hours leading up to her dance recital?
1.   Rests
2.   Practices
3.   Relaxes
4.   Eats
5.   Practices
6.   Nails
7.   Bathes
8.   Hair
9.   Make-up
10. Prays

I was making beds while listening to some loud music.  Lilah decided she needed to practice for her show, so she grabbed her ballet shoes and began practicing in front of my mirror. I couldn't resist snapping these adorable photos.
Did I mention she practiced TWICE that day!
Once before her toes were painted and once after they were painted :)
Look for the evidence.
 Practicing her plies.
 Practicing her passe.
Practicing her bow!
And of course this was her favorite part of "prepping" for her dance recital.  This girl is EVERYTHING girly.  She loves getting her nails and feet painted.  I had to stress "one color".