Monday, May 20, 2013

A Mom: Overcomes, Engages the Battle, Becomes the Hero

In Revelation, the word overcome is used seven times.  When God repeats anything over and over again, it is, more often than not, very crucial to something we are meant to clearly understand. 

One aspect of the word overcome is to prevail.  To mount up over and endure until one conqers the battle at hand, by staying fast until victory is achieved. Hanging in there until the end- this is our story of integrity and faithfulness.  

This, to me, is a picture of what a mother is called to be: a warrior who will not give up or cease to keep fighting the battle for her children's souls.  There are so many battlegrounds in which to fight and prevail - the work of a home, the discipline of your children, the training of their character, thinking of ways to make your life and home interesting and fun, so that your children will have a safe haven in which to spend time, spending hours and hours as a counselor and friend to answer heart questions and to sympathize with hurt feelings, nurturing depth of thought about God, working through dreams and disappointments.  All of these important roles take a great amount of time and energy.  AND not once, but over and over again, consistently pushing against sin and embracing God's truth, until our bodies, souls, and minds are weary.  

The overarching truth, however, is that we are building a legacy of people who will flourish in their lifetime, hold fast to the gospel, and have an impact for the kingdom of God.  Our labor is not in vain: it does defeat mighty strongholds and brings righteousness to bear.  But we will have to run the race well if we intend to reach the goal of our ideals; it will take a continual refreshing and renewing of them in our life.  

Satan knows that the righteousness and faith of the next generation are in the hands of US, the parents, and particularly the moms, who interact with their children every hour of the day. Satan would just love for us to think that our labor is in vain and ineffective and that we are not adequate for the task.  And yet, in every case, overcoming is always rewarded with great blessing (in Revelation).  

Keep this all in mind what temptation takes place and discouragement arises. There will be many times in the battle when you feel you are at your end; the stakes are so great.  God, if you seek Him with your whole heart and commit your ways to Him will help you give to your children a story of a woman who inspired faith, and who built a legacy in her home of righteousness, grace, and truth.  Your children will perceive you as the hero and champion of their lives if you hold fast.  

Considering this as the school year is coming to a close and being a full time mommy to 3 nears, without a break.  THIS IS A MUST TOR EREAD, OVER AND OVER AND OVER.