Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A New Build-A-Bear

While the boys were out watching grown men wrestle, Lilah and I went on a date to Build-A-Bear.  Ms. Destiny and Ms. Elise purchased Lilah a gift card to the store. She had a blast and reminisced on her 3rd birthday party there.
 Making a wish!
 Giving her bear a bath.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo, but Lilah also picked out a "baby carrier" for her bear. She can use it in the front or the back of her body.  When placing it on her for the first time, she said, "Which way does Ashely hold Presley?  In the front or the back?"  LOL! OBSESSED with babies.
This is the final outcome!!!  She chose a pale pink bear with brown ears.  Decked her out in hair bows, sun glasses, a beautiful outfit with butterfly wings, and hot pink flip flops.  She named her, "Isabelle Pinky".  

Thank you Destiny and Elise for giving us something to take Lilah's mind off of her "boys" being gone.  She had a ton of fun.