Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WWE Wrestling Match AKA An Early Birthday Present

In just two weeks, our family has attended a Nascar race and now a WWE wrestling match.  I can guarantee you this will NOT be a semi-annual thing :)  Tyson is truly blessed and really isn't in "need" of nor is he "wishing" for much this year, so since his baseball game was cancelled, due to rain, we bought him tickets, last minute, to the WWE wrestling match.  

The way we presented the tickets to him...  I wanted to present the tickets to him in a way that was funny/fun.  I quickly came up with the idea of using the wrestling figurines, the ring, and Lilah's doll house cake accessories.  I made it look like John Cena, Macho Man Randy Savage, and The Rock were having a party and eating cake.
Here was Ty's reaction!

Of course, what good is a wrestling match if you don't have the tacky, redneck t-shirt to wear?
I had at least two people on a hunt for these shirts.  Shawn and Kaitlyn were able to find the boys these John Cena shirts.  This is Tyson's favorite wrestler.  Ty knows the lyrics to his theme song, "You can't see me!"
 Even though very redneck looking, they are still CUTIES!
 Look at those mighty muscles.
I think I see some hidden excitement on Darren's face.  Don't you?
Darren refused to bring the camera.  BOOOOO! So "all I got was this lousy video".

The boys seemed to enjoy it.  Tyson shared with me this morning how a few guys almost died.  LOL!  I guess he believes it's real.  

A few TOP things that came out of the hubby's mouth upon returning home

*I was more entertained by the people being entertained.
*Do people really think this is real?
*The only reason people actually go to these things is because they sell beer.
*First a nascar race, now a wrestling match.  What has gotten into me?
*The guy next to me was so distracting.  He had ketchup and mustard all over himself and his hot dog.