Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Cat In The Hat Birthday Party DECOR!

I'm having to post about Lilah and Jaxon's 4th Birthday party in segments (saving the best for last... the party guests).  There are just way too many fun details to not give them their own posts.  Being the party was only 2 hours long and the party rooms at "Pump It Up" are so colorful, I decided to eliminate balloons and spend a little extra money on something more unique.  

My incredibly talented/artistic friend ERIN, completed a task that I hired her for.  She did an amazing job fulfilling my visions.  Erin drew/painted/designed the following...  
 "Clark the Fish"
  A Faceless Thing 1 and Thing 2
 A window scene of Sally and Conrad.
 A "Cat in the Hat" balloon popping game.  
I purchased darts at Dick's Sporting Goods and allowed each party guest a turn to pop ONE balloon.  Each kid received a Cat In The Hat prize ranging from t-shirts, lunch boxes, books, dvds, puzzles, etc.  I'm so bummed I don't have a picture of the prizes because they were so cutely wrapped and FUN.  These decorations were a huge hit and received crazy compliments.  I am in the process of putting them on Craig's list to sell.  If you are interested in purchasing them for your event, please contact me @ 

Another form of decor that I had displayed, was a modern looking printable asking our guests to "Wait!!! Stop here, you must! And write a very special message to us!!! A birthday wish or just to say hi to your favorite 4 year old girl and guy!"  I loved this idea because Lilah and Jax will have a memory of a lifetime every time they read this birthday book by Dr. Seuss.  
Random Dr. Seuss quotes, framed, and displayed in their proper places throughout the party room.
What better than Dr. Seuss' books themselves to use as decor???
If you check out the Dr. Seuss party FOOD post, you will see that our food matched some his well known written books.
To view the party decorations in it's entirety, just double click on the photo album below. Captions included.