Monday, April 8, 2013

Saying Goodbye To My BABIES!

No more diapers, no more swings, no more, no more baby things!!!  

Our twins are potty trained, without bottles, without passies, without cribs, and NOW without strollers and car seats.  Lilah nor Jax are quite 40 pounds YET, but Darren has pulled the plug on the car seats.  It's a little weird saying goodbye to the LAST of the LAST of baby items.  TODAY, we got rid of ONE stroller and we are selling the other stroller on Craig's List.  After the blue stroller is gone, we truly are RID of baby items.  This is excellent news to ME, however, in ONE year, Lilah and Jaxon will be off to kindergarten, and knowing that makes my heart sink. 
Message me if interested in this contemporary, blue CHICCO umbrella stroller, perfect for any handsome, little prince.