Thursday, April 11, 2013

"I'm A Mom!"

Before car seat was installed!
It's all I hear around this house, out of Lilah's mouth.  Everything about being a mom, to her, is so exciting.  She pretends to be a mom all day long and if I call her Lilah, she refuses to answer me.  She will say, "I'm not Lilah, I'm a mom!"  And if she's a mom... well, that makes me a grandma.  Please, I'm up there in age, but I don't prefer to be called grandma at age 36.  
Today, Lilah spent her Toys R Us gift cards from Aunt Shannon and Aunt Erin on a new baby doll and a car seat for the doll.  Please welcome our family's newest addition "Lola Renee Bolling".  Lilah chose Renee in honor of her Grandnee.  As if the car seat is NOT enough, then, we had to bring Lola into Rack Room Shoes too because you "can't leave a baby in a hot car grandma!"  So... in went the baby, the umbrella stroller, her purse, and her blanket.  Didn't I just do a post on getting rid of our baby things?
I'll admit, it's cute AND it causes me to stop dead in my tracks and think, "I'm a mom!" How lucky am I!!!!