Sunday, April 28, 2013

Have You Ever.....?

This is the kind of funny and clean stuff my husband entertains our family with!!!!
The Funniest Lyrics in the Song 
Have you ever had someone wake you up, just to ask you if you’re awake? 
Has somebody ever waved to the person behind you, but you waved back anyway? 
Have you ever searched days for your lost shades and then found them on your forehead? Have you ever slept all night on the top of your arm and felt for sure they’d have to amputate it? 
Have you ever not heard what someone said so you asked'em to repeat it again? But then The second time you understood it even less so you just smiled and nodded your head?  Have you ever been about to sneeze, then you freeze, it’s a tease and you look like you have an awful disease? 
Have you ever had your face grazed by your own hair but you thought it was a spider and you got super scared. 
Have you ever? Have you everrrrrr? Have you ever? Have you everrrrrr?