Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm Watching YOU Too!!!

Recently, I stumbled across a feature that blogger offers, has always offered actually, and never really played around with it.  Blogger provides each blogger with the statistics of who views their blogs and how often aka "audience", where the searches originate from aka "traffic sources", the keywords being searched in order to locate my blog on line, the most popular/most viewed posts aka "posts" AND the amount of visitors your blog receives daily.  I can see exactly where YOU view my blog from too (pinterest, facebook, other people's blogs, your google account etc).

It's been a real eye opener.  It's been a blessing having access to all of the above information.  I had plain view of  disturbing keyword searches that some sickos WERE using to view my children in their underwear.  I got my FBI agent, brother, on that one.  Since then, ALL photos relating to that nature have been removed. Pictures once innocently posted, sadly, left me with no choice but to delete them because people took advantage of using it for their gain. This has led me to be entirely more discerning when posting any photos of my children. This is a SAD world who preys on the innocent (children and elderly).  

I am also excited to see that my dear friends and family members are actually visiting our family blog and staying up to date with what's going on in our lives.  I am beyond surprised at how many "strangers" and extended family members visit our blog as well.  Our blog receives over 100 views a day!   By the way, we LOVE to receive comments!  So don't always withdraw from our blog, deposit a little something along the way too.  :)

SO.... You may be watching us, but NOW we are watching you too!!!  Don't feel violated.  Know that I love seeing when you visit and read our blog.  This is a great form of protection for our family.  Being a public blog has it's definite PLUSES, but exposing yourself and your family to EVERYONE has it's definite minuses too.  I'm glad I have access to YOU viewing my blog :)