Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dinner For 2

On the way to dinner, after Family Kingdom, all three of our children fell asleep in the car.  We pulled up to Barefoot's Landing and planned on waking them up for our last dinner and night out on the town, but we both agreed it would probably be a miserable dinner.  Being at the beach puts our children all off schedule. Typically, we forfeit nap time to provide more family/fun time AND bedtime is normally way later too (between 10:30 pm - 11:30 pm).  We drove around, having a peaceful conversation and just enjoying each other (normally we have to fight to get a word in edge wise).  Then we came across a "mom and pop" italian restaurant with MANY glass windows.  We decided to park the van, roll down the windows, and sit directly facing the van, while eating dinner alone.  Darren was MUCH MORE hesitant than I was, but he obliged.  We had a peaceful dinner for 2, on our last night at Myrtle Beach.  The kids never woke up and never realized this took place... until we told them.  After dinner, we woke them up, fed them a soft pretzel and ice cream (oh how we should receive the parents of the year award for that dinner) and shopped at Barefoot's Landing!