Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our First Myrtle Beach of 2013, BUT Definitely NOT The Last!!!

We took the kids to Myrtle Beach for a portion of Ty's Spring break.  We are actually in the van heading back now... gotta love Verizon's "Hot Spot".  I'm blogging as Darren drives. :)  Anyway, I didn't have my camera out too much this time around. We visited the beach ONCE because with the wind blowing the beach was too chilly to enjoy. The kids still managed to swim in the pool and enjoy the hot tub every single day, so that was good.  We also visited Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot's Landing, Family Kingdom, California Pizza Kitchen and Games, Tanger Outlets  TWICE (yea!!!!), an unlimited inflatable place, as well as enjoying a ton of great eateries.  Time to get back on a diet.  LOL!

Here are the few pictures I took!!!
Oh my Jax!!!!  SOMETIMES, not always, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed! He put his face in the arm hole instead of the face hole.  LOL!
 About to enter Family Kingdom!!!
Yea!!!! I finally made it to a picture.  And yes, if you must know, I did ride a few rides with my children.  I'm pretty sure this made Ty happy!
Jax was super excited that he was able to take a drive all by himself, in this spiffy, old fashioned car.  
It certainly felt nice being chauffeured around by my kids, for a change.  Lilah was my driver.

 Look at my brave family riding the Water Log Flume!!!
Darren, Tyson, and Lilah were all smiles and laughter.
 Getting wet on a windy day is not much fun, to me, so I didn't ride.  
Everyone else didn't seem to mind though.
Lilah thought it was hysterical to get wet.  I'm stunned she even rode HALF of what she  agreed to riding, Jax too!  Roller coasters, dizzy spinning rides, and fast up and down rides.  Crazy kids.  They definitely did NOT inherit that from me.
This trip to Family Kingdom was by far the best.  Our kids have finally exceeded the height requirements that have eliminated them from using over half of the rides in the past. Lilah was still limited on some rides (which, if you can imagine, is so difficult telling her no and her twin brother YES! Especially when you hear her say, with big crocodile tears in her eyes, "But I'm the older twin!"