Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrating Age 4 At The Great Wolf Lodge, Charlotte

Last summer, we took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge and ever since then it is ALL Jax has been talking about.  He has been begging us to go back.  Day in and day out, he would talk of the resort and reminisce about our first time spent there.  SO... I approached Darren about taking them again, for their 4th birthday, in lieu of mounds of gifts.  He obliged... and off we went.  We allowed Tyson to bring his friend Gabe.  They both missed two days of school to join in on the fun.  There are quite a few photos and several videos (double click on the photo album and the videos below to see the entire trip).  If you can't bring yourself to view all 150 of them... I have posted a few of my favorites instead below.  Enjoy!!!