Saturday, January 26, 2013

Glow In The Dark Bath

Three weeks ago, yikes am I really that far behind on blogging, I surprised the kids with a pack of glow sticks each. I told them that at bath time they were going to take a bath, in the dark. Using their glow sticks, they made bath time even MORE fun than it normally is.  I will say, a glow in the dark bath is extremely hard to photograph, as you will see below. 
 My three cuties!!!
 Fill up the bath with loads of bubbles.
 "Snap" the glow sticks in half, to "ignite" them.
Throw them in the tub!!! Shut the bathroom lights out and walaaa!
This bath fun made such an impression on them (especially the twins) that they have not stopped talking about it. You can usually find a pack of glow sticks in the $1 section at Target or Michael's.  The Dollar Tree also sells them.