Thursday, January 24, 2013

He's Teaching Me...

This week has definitely been a difficult week.  I'm a little glad to see it's almost over.  Surprisingly, it wasn't my kids.  Rarely, is it ever my husband (so blessed to have him).  I'm trusting that the Lord is refining me and I choose today to give him THANKS and PRAISE for these difficult moments.  

I want to worship Him the way He deserves to be worshiped. Having trouble worshiping? You're not alone.  Sometimes self-pity or anger or doubt cause me to not worship either, but then, my great God disciplines me and shows me that worshiping Him brings me away from all of those emotions.  

Here are 20 good reasons to worship Him...

1.   He forgives my iniquities.
2.   He heals all of my diseases.
3.   He redeems my life from destruction.
4.   He crowns me with lovingkindness.
5.   He satisfies my mouth with good things.
6.   He executes righteousness and justice for the oppressed.
7.   He makes His ways known.
8.   He is merciful.
9.   He is gracious.
10. He is slow to anger.
11. He will not strive with us.
12. He will not keep His anger forever.
13. He does not punish us according to our iniquities.
14. He removes our transgressions from us.
15. He shows great mercy to those who fear Him.
16. He has pity on us.
17. He remembers we are dust.  
18. His mercy is everlasting.
19. He blesses our children and our grandchildren who obey Him.
20. He rules over all and His throne is established.

Psalm 103.

It's in my flesh to be angry, hurt, and disappointed when I am having a tough week.  It's for the LOVE of my God that I turn that into WORSHIP, THANKFULNESS, and GRATITUDE and I can trust He is doing this for my good.

I covet your prayers for my silent prayer requests this week.