Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pullen Park Fun

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Carlene aka "Cee Cee" took us to a park that she has been dying to take us to.  It's called Pullen Park!  

Check out Pullen Park here.  Basically, though, it is about 66 acres of land, that was donated to the City of Raleigh, by a man named Mr. Pullen.  He wanted this land to be used for recreation and leisure.  Mr. Pullen certainly got his wishes.  The park is filled with an unlimited amount of free "parky" stuff.  Slides, swings, rock walls, sand boxes, seesaws, playhouses, diggers, water misters, etc.......... and then they offer a few $1 rides such as the carousal, the train, and the water boats.  The park also has a little cafe.  The list is endless.  There was a definite cold chill in the air, but that NEVER stops children from having fun!!!!

These two little girls never leave each other's side.  

Poor Jaxey!!!  Where's his playmate?

Tire swing fun!  This tire swing created the MOST laughs.

I captured this photo while all of the kids were on the tire swing.
It's a picture of all of their smooshed feet :)