Monday, November 5, 2012

A Halloween, Yearly Tradition, With The Crisafi Girls!!!

Last year, we started a tradition, with my two littlest sisters and my stepmom, to ALL trick or treat together.  My children never forgot it and had been anticipating the "Crisafi girls" arrival since August. The concern for storm Sandy was making our tradition an on again, off again, event, but we decided to not let anything step in the way. 

The girls arrived on Tuesday night.  The kids were beyond ecstatic to be in each other presence.  Sadly, I think Tyson is slowly turing pre-teen.  These kids were not cool enough for him to "hang" with.  It's a little heart breaking to witness him breaking off from their once 5-some team. 

Halloween day was filled with so much on our "to do" list. From a costume parade at L&J's preschool, to lunch with Tyson at his school, to making festive food for Reformation night, then off to Reformation celebration at our church, and finally trick or treating.  Carlene and I were WIPED, yet we still stayed up till 2 am talking :)  We always do.  

The next day, we allowed the four youngest (Ty had to go to school - poor kid) to stay in their pjs, from sun up, to sun down. We gave them baths, just to put them back into fresh pjs. LOL!  I think, the highlight, of the last night, together was our in-house DANCE PARTY!!  As each kid had their moment to shine on the dance floor, the other kids would cheer the "dancer" on.  "Go Tyson, go Tyson, go Tyson!"  It was hilarious and cute all at the same time.

Hopefully one day soon, we will all be living in the same neighborhood.  These gatherings will be an everyday occurrence instead of a bi quarterly occurrence.