Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Small Group "Movie Night"

Our small group consists of 6 couples and 13 children.  It's a definite FULL HOUSE when we have perfect attendance.  We have been blessed beyond all measure to have consistent childcare for our children while we discuss the sermon from the week before.  Destiny and Elise have been our primary care takers with the exception of a few fill-ins.  The children have developed a bond/love/comfort for them and I'm pretty sure Destiny and Elise are a little bias to them as well.  :)

As the children are getting older, we have recognized that they need a little more structure to entertain them, for the 2.5 hours we are "gone.  Keeping them preoccupied warrants better behavior.  So, the last two meetings, we designed, in advance, an activity.  The first week, it was all about camping (pictures to follow soon... I'm doing things a little backwards tonight).  The second week, we had "Movie Night".  The kids decorated their own white, "brown bag" with stickers and crayons. Afterwards, Destiny and Elise filled with them with popcorn.  I made candy/treat bags for the kids to enjoy during the movie as well.  Jody rented the new Dr. Seuss movie called, The Lorax.

A few kiddos were missing, that's why it doesn't look so overwhelming.  The Carroll kids were spending the night at their grandparents' home.  We sure did miss them.  Daniel stayed upstairs with mom and dad.  He's been having a hard time adjusting.  Could it be the noise?  Haha. Imagine 13 kids in one room.  AND HANK!  Lisa isn't willing to give him up yet. I don't blame her.
I know it's a ton of photos. Sorry.  
Trying to get ALL of the subjects to sit still
And smile is impossible when there are this many kids.  
The goofy glasses were something I added to the kids candy bags. 
After the kids come upstairs from being "locked up",
Aaron always is ready to rough house them.
Tyson, especially LOVES it.
I think they had a great night!  This theme seemed to keep them quiet too.  :)