Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Lame to "Game"!

Having the twins in preschool, three days a week, is providing me with many opportunities to get better organized. There are areas in my home that were ONCE organized, but due to growth (twins, additions, new purchases etc.) those areas have become a little overgrown or unmanageable.  It's amazing how slowly this scenario creeps up on you, but how quickly it creates chaos.

For instance, we have a "hall closet" that I have been using as a coat closet/game closet.  With the addition of the twins, the quantity of coats, hats, gloves, vests, scarfs, and ear muffs have more than doubled, if not tripled.  Last winter, our coat closet and winter accessory baskets were beyond cramped.  It got to the point where we preferred to "freeze" than to search for our winter necessities.  

And the board game section of the hall closet, well.... that's a whole other story.  The age difference between Tyson and the twins is 4 years.  So, if you can imagine, our board game selection increased as well because each child has different cognitive levels.  Selecting a board game has become a catastrophe to me.  Inevitably, the twins would want to play a game that was at the bottom of all of the board games or in the back of the closet.  I cringed every time the kids "had an idea" to play a game.  

I had enough.  SO, I decided to purchase a sturdy/handsome, black, metal shelf from Lowe's ($79.99).  I "parked" it in my storage room... not the most convenient spot for our board games... but they are now accessible, organized, and visible to children/adults of all ages.  

 I first bought the 4-tiered shelf, but I have since returned it,
For the 5-tiered shelf.  That's how many games we have.  

I am not entirely through with this game shelf.  I want to purchase small, frame chalkboards.  The chalkboards will hang from each shelf, displaying the age range per game, since that is how I have the games organized on the shelf.
Shelf 5: Ages 7 - adult
Shelf 4: Ages 5 - adult
Shelf 3: Ages 2-4
Shelf 2: Games for all ages PLUS Art Activities
Shelf 1: Randomness (ie. hot potato, marble run, hop scotch)
 Game Shelf - AFTER
I've counted and we have over 50 game.  
I cannot believe that!
Removing the board games from the hall closet, has allowed me to make our hall closet solely a coat closet.  I have really enjoyed sprucing it up a bit and I believe I will use my winter coats and accessories much more often now.  Each family member has their OWN basket of winter frills.  This will make taking off and putting away much more simpler for our children.  They will know exactly what basket to go to, to dress and undress.  Darren will stop flipping all five baskets over to find matching gloves or that beloved hat.
I emptied the closet completely
And started "a new".
I got rid of my favorite, white plastic hangers,
And replaced them with black, smooth, contemporary hangers.
A pack of 25 sells for $12.99 at T.J. Maxx
These are space saver hangers too!!!!
I purchased these insanely stylish, animal print bins at Michael's.
Originally $17.99 per pin, on sale for 40% off.

 I spotted these "his and hers" plaques at Kmart.
Original price $17.99, on sale for $5.00 total.
What a steal!!!!!!!!

I found this awesome plaque with hooks at Marshall's for $19.99
Darren and I's winter accessories are located
In the obvious bins titled "His and Hers".
  I placed Lilah and Jax's rain boots inside this closet as well.
The top bins are empty for now.
I am excited to find a useful way to use them. 
The Coat Closet - AFTER
The small black bin is a storage basket for my camera, 
Camera lenses, camera chargers, and camera bag.
I am also using this closet to store my pocket book, 
Which "lived" in my dining room for months.
The kids always knew where to find it and would constantly remove items from it.
Now, they have no clue where it resides.  LOL!
It's amazing how beautiful things work out, thank you God, haha!
No seriously!!!  Check this out....
I have had this foyer seat since we've moved into this home,
before knowing how many children I would have.
Now, conveniently, I have three children and three bins.
Each child's winter accessories are located
In the bins, underneath their book bag.