Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bring A Friend To Ballet MONTH

The entire month of October Lilah is allowed to bring a friend to dance class.  This week, Lilah brought Ansley.  Next week, it's Julia.  The following week, we hope to snag Kate.  She is insisting on bringing Vivian the fourth week, but Vivian is already taking dance at another dance studio, so I am not sure if her momma will allow her to do it twice in one week.  

Ansley was so excited.  She had been asking her mom for two days, "How much longer?" or "Is it today?"  She even had her outfit laid out on her bed this morning, waiting for 4:15 pm to get here. 
The girls allowed me to take some photos of them before entering Miss Mona's Dance Studio.  After class, Ms. Tracy said, "Ansley NEEEEEDS to be in dance.  She is a complete NATURAL!"  And she really is.  I am sooooooooooooo excited for her because her mommy and daddy have agreed to allow her to sign up.  Even though Ansley will be in a different class, I am so glad we have someone we know at the same dance studio.  
 I think it's real obvious who the excited one is!!! LOL!!!!!