Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picture Day at Preschool!!!

The night before "picture day", at Lilah and Jax's preschool, a light bulb went off, in my head... "WHOOOOPS!!! Kids, tomorrow is picture day."  I write NOTHING down.  I don't own a calendar.  I go strictly off of memory.  It's amazing I rarely mess up!  Thank you God for my brain capacity. :) Fortunately, my Liley has many articles of clothing with tags attached.  It's her Fall and Winter attire.  Jax on the other hand typically receives second hand clothing from big brother. If I had it properly planned out, I would have preferred to buy them new matching outfits, but what was in their closet had to make due. Either way, the twins are so cute, I think a brown paper bag would have even delivered an insanely cute photo.  
As usual, I took a few photos myself, before school.  I am anxious to see if the photographer got Lilah and Jax to "perform" well for the camera.  Hehe.