Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Fabulous Find!

Wow!!!!!  It's been over a year (September 23, 2011 to be exact) since I have done a "Fabulous Finds" post.  I think the idea kind of fell off the radar.  The finds weren't coming as often and as consistently as when I first began this series of posts. Anyway, I found this "fabulous find" at Michael's Arts & Crafts. These are jewelry and accessory trays.  I had been considering these for a while because Lilah's hair product drawer, as well as, her jewelry drawer were out of control.  I finally became fed up... AGAIN... with the dysfunctional space and I committed to making it functional again.  I finally purchased these "trays" when I spotted them at 70% off their original prices.  The original cost, per tray, was $12.99 and I purchased each tray for $2.53.  What a steal!!!!!!!!!!
I love this mixture of animal prints on these trays.
Lilah's drawers are so organized now.  We both love to pick out new earrings to wear etc.  This pattern is now GONE!  I went back, to Michael's, again today, in hopes of buying one more, but that pattern is no where to be found.  However, there are a ton more of these trays in other patterns AND still at 70% off.  I think Michael's is trying to get rid of them.  Be SURE to get out there soon and purchase a few of your own.
As I always say though, "This looks so much better in person!"