Monday, October 29, 2012

Mummy Mason Jars

Aside from owls, I think mummies are my new favorite Halloween decor. They are fun, cute, and a little bit "spookie" all at once :)  I am very pleased with the way my mummy mason jars turned out.  I have had these materials for over a month now. Life has just been way too busy to find the time to sit down and accomplish making them.  After church on Sunday, I took the time to make them since time is running out.  

These mummies were made for ME, teachers, my step-mom, and my "Sensational 6".  SURPRISE girls... if you are reading this.  I hope you like them.  I sure do.  With the storm heading our way, you may not get them before Halloween arrives though.
Materials needed:
Cheesecloth, google eyes, modge podge, and flameless tealights.
Mason jars.  Any sizes.
"Paint" the modge podge onto the entire mason jar.
Wrap cheesecloth over entire jar, overlapping layers, 
to give it the mummy look.
Adhere google eyes using modge podge.
I used the LARGE eyes.

Insert flameless tealight candles. 
Enjoy the cute mummy in the day 
And the illuminated mummy in the night.