Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween "Celebrations" Part 1_2012

Halloween tends to stress me out just a little.  LOL!  Why, you ask?  Well, anyone who knows me, knows I do nothing without doing it to the extreme/fullest.  I am simply an ALL or NOTHING type of person.  It can be a little annoying to be me.  I can turn something as FUN or SIMPLE as picking a Halloween costume out, into a nightmare.  LOL!  I’d have to say, it hasn’t helped that we have won the Halloween costume contest at our church the last 2/4 years we “entered”.  It puts the pressure on me BIG TIME to raise the bar again this year.
This year, I tried to be the mom that let’s go and let’s the kids choose what they want to be.  Lilah and Jaxon were adamant on being “Spiderman and Spider-girl”.  I was willing to let it happen, but then I came across some INCREDIBLY detailed and cute costumes during my visit to Charlotte.  I brought them home, showed the twins, and said, “You can be this or you can be Spiderman and Spider-girl.”  Lilah and Jax chose my selection.  Yea me!!!!  LOL!
But then… I realized, that the twins had a TON of Halloween festivities to attend, and I decided to let them get TWO costumes this year.  I know it’s a bit over indulgent and unnecessary, but dressing up is fun and only happens ONCE a year (unless you have a great dress up collection).  
So, I took the kids out today and here is what they picked.  Lilah chose to be a kitty kat and Jax a shark!  The BEST was when Jax came across the shark costume, at the store, he stopped dead in his tracks, and with the biggest, deepest, expression-filled voice exclaimed, “Mooooooooooooooommy, LOOK AT THIS!  I’ve always wanted to be a shark!”  HAHA!  I HAD to get it for him.  He was right.  His second choice, besides Spiderman, was to be a shark. 
I thought they BOTH looked adorable.  They were so thrilled to wear their costumes.  They wore them with pride.  It was TOUGH for me to NOT get something MATCHY, but then my dear friend Ashely and I decided that CATS EAT FISH!  LOL!  So they kind of do go together.  It’s a twin thing…unless you have them, you wouldn’t understand. 

Lilah and Jax wore these costumes to the YMCA "Willy Wonka" Halloween party.  Tyson couldn't go :(  He was at football.  Instead, we were accompanied with the Harris family.  We managed fine, but Ashely and I both agreed, NEXT YEAR THE DADDIES GO OR WE DON'T GO! Enjoy viewing the ENTIRE night captured on camera BELOW.  Double click to see it in a bigger version.
Anyway, these are NOT their actual Halloween costumes, so be on the look out for the cute DUO’s costume selection soon.