Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Friend" #4 Comes to Dance With Lilah

Drum roll.... who is this "friend" that came to dance class with Lilah???  Well none other than JAXON!  He he... we did NOT get this approved from daddy FIRST.  This was really not planned either though.  I decided NOT to allow Lilah to bring a friend this week because I thought this was the week that she had to come to dance class with her Halloween costume on.  The house was a little on edge today.  Trying to get the twins up from nap, homework done, and get Lilah all diva'd up in 25 minutes is CRA-AAAAZY!  I just thought picking up a friend to the agenda would be horrible.  

When we arrived to ballet, Lilah was not herself.  She and Jax had gotten into a small altercation before leaving the house and Lilah just NEVER recovered from it.  When I dropped her off to dance, she cried and cried for Jax.  So... I decided to ask Jax if he wanted to be Lilah's "friend" today and dance with her.  At first, he quickly said "no", but I didn't have to ask him TWICE.  He said "YES", just as quickly as he said "NO."  

Ms. Tracy said he actually danced more than Lilah did today.  LOL!  OH to be a FLY on the WALL.  She also called Jax a "doll baby" and she's right.  I just love him to pieces.  Don't worry... WE ARE NOT signing him up for dance.  Darren would NEVER allow it.  I'm not sure I would either.

OH, PS.  This was NOT the week to wear your Halloween costume to dance class.  POOR Lilah was the only dancer with a costume on.  Better early than late, right?