Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Boo"-licious Rice Krispie Treats!

Second grade is very different from Kindergarten and 1st grade for sooooo many reasons.  One tiny difference, is that 2nd graders and above do not get holiday parties for ALL occasions. The reality of growing up has NOW set in for Tyson. Stinky!!!  Ty's teacher, however, doesn't want the day to pass without providing her students with some form of fun. The home room mom (no it's NOT me, surprised?) has accepted some help and I offered mine :)  She assigned me to rice krispie treats.  B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!!  I agreed, but totally had plans to SPRUCE up the old fashioned rectangular-shaped rice krispie treat.

While stocking up at Sam's Club, for storm "Sandy" (is this really happening AGAIN), I decided to buy the pre-made rice krispie treats, to save me some time (AND NOT KNOWING if the storm will cut my electricity off, I had to be prepared).

I decided to make ghost rice krispie treats.  Here are the items you will need to replicate this yummy treat...
Pre-made or homemade rice krispie treats
Candy Coating (WHITE)
Lollipop Sticks
Chocolate Chips 
Insert the lollipop stick inside the rice krispie treat.   

Carve rice krispie treat to look like a "tombstone".
SAVE "cut-outs" or frugal friends, like Erin Carroll, will yell at you.

Dip and "paint" white chocolate on HALF of the rice krispie treat.
Add miniature or regular chocolate chips for eyes.   
Wrap in a clear treat bag and tie with festive ribbons.
Then.... EAT!