Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fun/Funny for just a few hours!

Since Friday night our home has been without power. When the 10 minute storm hit, Jax, my sister, and I were in Kroger. All of the lights went out. It was creepy and exciting, all at the same time, to experience something like that. Upon arriving home, we entered a dark house, lite up with candles.

For a while, it was fun/funny. We knew the lights were out, yet we would still try to use the electricity. For instance, my mother-in-law called and we informed her that we had no electricity. We were telling her about how hot it was and she said, "Well if you all are hot, why don't you just plug in some fans." We all laughed, including her.

In addition, my sister, after 15 hours of being without electricity, asked, "Do you have a blow dryer?" Haha. Um, not one that doesn't require electrcity. Maybe that is something I ought to invent. A battery operated blow dryer.

STILL without power, and possibly no end in sight until Saturday, we are realizing how spoiled and how dependent we really are on electricity. It cools our food, our bodies, it opens our garage doors, it charges our cell phones, and for some, it runs water. Regretfully, we had to throw out almost EVERY SINGLE thing in our freezer/refrigerator. A close friend of ours allowed us to use a section of her freezer and fridge, but most of my food was unsalvageable before we thought to make use of a friend's electricity.

We really lucked out compared to some of our close friends... we have full use of my in-laws home because they are in Myrtle Beach right now. Although we are very thankful to be cool and to have use of their beautiful home, we are really home sick :(

Hanging out in the dark.

We were at Kroger getting the family a late night dessert. I bought 10 mini ice creams for $10.00. Being we had NO IDEA how long our power would be out, the ice cream had to be eaten. I told the kids, "It's your lucky day. You can have TWO ice creams tonight."

Darren still had battery life on his cell phone, so he went inside to text around, seeing who else didn't have power.

We went outside, to enjoy the fresh, cool air. It was so interesting to witness dry lightening. Although powerful, we were amazed and in awe of it. Whitney and the kids made some funny faces to help pass the time/make light of this situation.
Lilah's "silly" face.
Jax's "funny face".
Tyson's "goofy" face.

This storm is a REMINDER of the powerful God we serve. We are weak and HE is strong. He has sent that reminder to us. Our level of patience, self-control, and gratitude has only been able to be maintained through prayer and dependence on him during this time especially.