Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shower Head Cleaning - PIN #5 - COMPLETE.

For a few months now, we have been experiencing extremely low water pressure from our master bathroom shower.  Darren and I both knew it was from "build-up".  At first, we went to Lowe's and considered buying a new shower head.  The Lowe's employee told us it wasn't necessary.  He showed us how to remove the old shower head so we could clean it.  We were thankful we didn't have to spend $40-$75 on a new shower head.  Darren tried to remove the shower head so we could clean it's insides, but to no avail it wouldn't come off. Randomly, I came across this pin and thought "How perfect!"... this is exactly what we need.  Darren and I completed day 5, challenge #5 together, using this website's suggestions.  There are 17 other household tips on this website, as well, that you may find helpful or interesting.  

Within 10 minutes, I could see all of the build up being released into the baggie.  Walaa!!!  I cannot wait to take a NORMAL shower tomorrow.  

Shower head with "build-up".
We filled a large zipblock bag with white vinegar.
Then, we tied the bag onto the shower head.
Make sure all of the vinegar touches the shower head. 
Wait 24-hours. 
Remove bag of vinegar.
Enjoy a high pressured showered :)