Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair Designs - Pin #6 - COMPLETE.

I am blessed beyond measure to have a little girl.  I'm not really sure I understand any woman who doesn't want a daughter.  I get the fears of dressing them, make-up, mood swings, and boys, but uh-duh, boys come with challenges too, AND DIRTY ones.  I also feel blessed to have a daughter with a head full of hair.  While doing Lilah's hair is occasionally a painful task, I do enjoy it.  I think part of the "hassle" stems from truly NOT KNOWING how to do my own hair, much less, someone else's hair.  I am a bit envious that I am able to put Lilah's hair in different hair styles, yet I cannot manage to do my own.  I am still learning.  I am not sure I will ever be GREAT at it, but for now, I think I am handling it well.  I pinned this hair pin a few weeks back.  It really caught my attention.  I was a little hesitant to give it a try, before school, since we are on a time crunch, but then I decided, "What the heck!?!?!"  Lilah was very patient and in my biased opinion she looked VERY adorable when I was done.  I am sure my dear friend Jody would be able to do this pin even better, but I was satisfied with the results I produced.  Here is day 6, challenge #6.

What do you think?  BE HONEST!
Bed head.  Before hair do. 
After getting her "hair did."
Not as smooth as the little girl's hair in the pin,
But Lilah also has insanely thick hair.
I wasn't in the mood to use hair glue... seriously, I own some.
As you can see from the second to the last picture,
I almost just stuck with two ribbons in her hair.
BUT... then I got bow happy.  Whoops.
That might be where I went wrong.

In the beginning when I started this Pinterest challenge, I wasn't sure how many days I would accomplish.  It's fairly addicting once you get started.  I will attempt to complete 10 pins like my bff Ashely.  If I accomplish that, great, if not, I hope you have enjoyed the ones I have accomplished.  AND... I challenge you to put your pinning to USE.