Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crawling Spider Soda - Pin #4 - COMPLETE

Challenge #4, Pin 4

In light of Halloween being right around the corner, I decided to do a pin to get our family in the mood.  We don't celebrate the "holiday" Halloween in any other way other than decorating, dressing up, trick or treating and "crafts"/activities such as my pinterest challenge #4.  This pin is a little creepy, but with two boys around here, I think it will be fun.  Curious to see how Lilah handles it.  
Things you need...
1. Ice cube trays
2. Plastic Spiders
3. Orange Juice
4. Sprite
Place spiders in empty ice cube trays.
Pour orange juice into empty trays.
I'm not sure why I'm doing this pin, LOL!
I think my kids will enjoy it... maybe!

Lilah was unsure of what to do with this.
But because her twins was drinking it, she gave it a try too.

 Pour sprite over ice cubes and serve!!!
Tastes like a party punch.

Jax enjoy this a lot, even though his facial expression here doesn't reveal that. 
Lilah drank it right down to the very last drop!

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  1. This seems easy enough for me...I think I'll try it! Thanks for sharing all of these ideas! Next time I'm at your house I want to see your fridge in person!


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