Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our 1st FAMILY Virginia Tech Game!!!

GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!

Our family was finally able to go to our first Virginia Tech game this weekend. The kids were super excited and I actually was more excited to go with them, than I have been in the past going without them. It was a ton of fun getting them all decked out in Hokie gear. OF course, Lilah was the most fun to dress up. We even received a ton of compliments and "awes". LOL! So fun!

The three cutest HOKIES ever!!!!!!!!!!

High School Sweet Hearts & VT Grads!!!!!
This is the ONLY time Lilah has been enthusiastic about anything to do with cheerleading.
Daddy and Lilah head to the stadium. She was skipping her nap, so daddy carried her a little bit. We didn't go to any extreme tail gaiting fanciness. We just picked up some food and ate it on the way there, minus daddy, who had to eat his food once we arrived. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. The walk to the stadium was a tad long, but the kids were so excited they didn't complain once.

Upon arriving to the stadium, we had to wait before entering because there was 5 of us and we only had 4 tickets. We were stunned when the Virginia Tech police approached us and offered to walk one of our children in for FREE. HOW COOL IS THAT? So the picture of Ty with the police officer was NOT taken because of something he did wrong (surprise :). It was taken because he was being let in for FREE.

Jax wasn't following why Tyson was walking in with the police officer and he was a little alarmed, crying lightly, "Bro-bro!"

VA TECH'S stadium is so amazing!!!
"We're almost there." We had finally made it into the stadium.
I love this photo for some reason ~ the score board.
If you can spot ME, I will give you $100.00.
Daddy's 1st dorm room was able to be seen from the stadium.
Look who was spotted?
The kids were laughing hysterically when they spotted the HOKIE BIRD.
Goofy BOYS!
Pretzel time.
The kids sat really still during the game, searched for the Hokie Bird, pigged out on stadium food, and were just simply in awe of all that was going on. I was a little sad that the weather took a small turn for the worse and we were forced to leave at half time. We ran to our car in the rain. I think the kids even enjoyed that. They were filled with mounds of laughter this day!

Afterwards, we shopped at Old Navy, the GAP outlet, Target, and ate at FIVE GUYS! It was a really wonderful day! I honestly cannot wait to take them back to another game SOON!