Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glenvar High School FOOTBALL Game!

We've lived in Salem almost 13 years now and we have NEVER been to a Glenvar High School Game. We finally went after our "PeeWee" football player and his team was asked to run onto the field, at half time! It was fun to be with, what seemed like, our entire CHURCH! A little hectic, but definitely better than sitting at home! I took very little photos. :( That's how hectic it was.
Glenvar DID win! I think final score was 28-0.
It looks like I may as well start to LOVE football. I can't escape it. FOR INSTANCE, check out my agenda for this weekend...
Friday night - Glenvar High School Game - Ty runs out at half time with his team.
Saturday morning - Football practice for Tyson and his team.
Saturday afternoon - OUR family goes to a VA Tech game together for the first time.
Sunday - After church - I AM SURE SOME FORM OF NFL football.

Enjoy the video (although far away) of Ty and his team.... "Coached by Jeremie Shelor" (Darren, Nick, Nick, and Zach also). I'm sure you can't see Ty or anyone, but it was still cute to capture.