Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beading With Cut Up Straws - PIN #2 COMPLETE

DAY 2,  PIN #2
I prefer to be proactive and planned out on the days that my kiddies are not in preschool.  It just makes my time with them much more enjoyable and anticipatory.  I saw this pin the other day and it grabbed my attention.  If you know me, I bet, from the picture, you could guess why?  The picture was colorful and clean looking.  LOL!  I had no idea what the pin was about, but I clicked on it, and then I realized that it would be a perfect activity for them to enjoy.  

While the twins were at preschool, on Wednesday, I wasn't looking, but I came across these straws...
I believe they are the exact straws used in the pin.
I was thrilled that they were only $1.80.
We needed straws anyway for our drinkable yogurts.
So this was like killing two birds with one stone.
I was happy to have something planned for today, after we joined our Church friends for Thursday morning "Praise and Worship".   I cut and organized the straws this morning before thy woke up.  After Praise and Worship, I took them on a wagon ride (the weather is gorgeous) and then we headed upstairs, to my closet, LOL, and "played" "pinned".  LOL!
Rainbow color ordered.
You can tell from Liley's expression on her face,
She was really excited about this activity.
They were having a blast.
Lilah designing her own creation.
UVA Themed "Beads"
Christmas Themed "Beads"
Then I had them produce some patterns.
This is a UVA pattern for the Carroll family.
Shhhhh, don't tell daddy!
This is what I was attracted to from pinterest... the coloring.
One idea was to use the same color "beads"
As the color of pipe cleaner they had in their hands.

So... the lesson here would be matching maybe?
We made bracelets for our friends.
I didn't have a certain thought behind this activity, but I did think this task would only hold their attention for like 10 minutes.  I was so surprised that it wound up holding their attention for about 40 minutes.  I was pleased and impressed with that as well as the  joy, excitement, and imagination the twins had with pin #2.  

At one point, Lilah even pretended she was cooking!
When Tyson got home and saw the bracelets and left over "beads" he immediately asked, "Can you please make some with me?"  For some reason, he loved this idea too.  Then the twins woke up and we did it for a third time!  I'm over it now.  HAHA.