Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Fridge Just Got Cooler! - PIN #1 COMPLETE

I'm attempting to do a Pinterest challenge.  You know, where you actually challenge yourself to perform and complete those pins you place on your virtual pin board?!?!?!  I am NOT a chronic "pinner".  Truth be told, I almost refused to sign up on pinterest because I thought if I pinned things, it would haunt me until I completed it; similar to the way undone homework once haunted me.  Then I realized, I couldn't escape signing up.  It really is an incredible site.  Most everything I pin, I truly have completed (such as a recipe) or I 100% plan to complete within a year of  pinning.  I have also even uploaded pins of things I have made or parties I have thrown.  It's exciting getting repins.  I challenge you to try that.

Anyway... I am stealing my dear friend, Ashely's, 10-day pinterest challenge idea.  It's possible my challenge will only be 5-7 days long.  I'm not sure I can commit to 10 days... we shall see.

Having the twins in preschool, I hate to say it, has been a gift. I miss them terribly, but going the entire Summer without childcare (minus two days), has been tiresome.  In addition, I haven't had time to do tasks or projects around that house that benefits our home, lightens my load, and brightens my day.  I have been able to clean my home, run errands, and most recently, I have begun little projects around the house that entice me to want to complete MORE.  

It's no secret, I AM ORGANIZED, but I can STILL become MORE ORGANIZED.  YEP!  Even me.  

For my first pin, I'm not even sure the original challenge came from pinterest.  Often times a pin, leads me to a blog, which leads me to another blog, which leads me to an idea.  I'm pretty sure this is what happened to me the other night. Regardless, it is on pinterest, so I am going to count this as DAY 1 - PIN 1 - COMPLETE.  Day 1 of my pinterest challenge started TODAY.... yea, I started my challenge in the middle of the week, what's it to ya!  

DAY 1 - Refrigerator Make-Over
I love my refrigerator.  Stainless steal.  New.  Water spickett. Ice maker.  Double Doors.  Organized.  Fresh.  Filled with Food.  Cold.  I have always been one to clean out my fridge every week.  Throwing out left overs.  Combining duplicates. Checking expiration dates.  "Facing" the foods like they do in the grocery store.  Wiping it down with fabuloso and bleach. Lining the drawers with paper towels.  
This is the way I used to line my refrigerator drawers.  
Who could ask for a "cooler" refrigerator? ME! I saw this idea  and I could NOT wait to transform my OWN refrigerator, giving it a "make-over".  Along with my other errands today, I went on a wild goose chase looking for some cool looking shelf liner (Dollar Tree, Home Depot, Lowes, Marshall's, and finally Bed, Bath, and Beyond.).  I wasn't entirely satisfied with the pattern I decided on, but it was the best option I found.  I was hoping for a cheetah print.  I figured I would give this pin a try and if it turned out awesome, I would put on my "wish list", for Christmas, these fridge coasters, originally found on "iheartorganizing".    

After my wild goose chase, I picked up the twins from preschool, laid them down for a nap, and went to work.  I had exactly 38 minutes to clean out my refrigerator/freezer from top to bottom, cut the matting, line the refrigerator, and put everything back in it's proper place before Ty-Ty came home.  
Measure shelf, from glass to glass only.
Cut.Line.Observe the Beauty.

Here is our refrigerator BEFORE the make-over...

Drum Roll.... Here is our refrigerator AFTER the make-over...
Um yes, our diet does consist of yogurt in this house.
Darren and I use it in our protein shakes.
When in doubt, we feed our kids yogurt, it's all they like.
I put my eggs in a clear glass bowl with a handle.  
It's a much prettier look than the egg container.
I had to use some khaki matting, for the condiment drawers, 
Because I ran out of the stripped matting.
No biggie.  It still coordinates.
Up close shot.
I love the new look... just wish the pattern of the lining was a little more funky.  I will for sure be getting the polka dot lining for Christmas, I hope :)  ONE PLUS to this... my condiments do NOT slip/slide every time I open the refrigerator door, which also eliminates tons of noise.

There you have it!  It's much prettier in person.  I'd love to see you give it a try and please do share your photos with me.  I hear TARGET has incredible patterned matting.  I learned this AFTER the wild goose chase today, but I was too impatient to wait till Friday to complete this pin.  OH BY THE WAY, the lining was purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I bought 5 mats. Originally, they were $4.99 EACH, but these were on sale for $2.49 plus I had a $5.00 off coupon, so I spent $10.00 TOTAL verse $25.00 on  NOT BAD!