Saturday, September 8, 2012


The day after, the late night, Virginia Tech game, Tyson arrived home with his FIRST test grade in hand. It was an A+. This is the FIRST year Tyson will be receiving letter grades. This is so much more exciting then "S's" and "P's".

Attached to the test, was a note, by the teacher, explaining to the parent's that ONLY those students who got everything correct received a letter grade. Anyone who missed one or more items, didn't receive a letter grade. Tyson said that while they were NOT to discuss grades, the teacher did explain that most kids did not receive a letter on their paper. This made his "A+" that much more special. Tyson is a very bright kid! We are interested in seeing the true results this year. I hope I never have to make a post about an "F".

Tyson we are so proud of YOU!