Saturday, September 8, 2012

Virginia Tech VS. Georgia Tech

On Labor Day, Darren and I allowed Tyson to go to Virginia Tech's FIRST home game of the year. It started at 8 pm and he DID have school the next day, but we told him if he took a nap, he could go. So he submitted and was rewarded after a 2 hour nap. Tyson left with Daddy and Grandad. They returned home a little after 10 pm. I think they left at halftime.

I am glad that Tyson can go and be one of the "big boys". It's a special treat to someone, who I think, tends to feel pushed aside due to "twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins". Grandad spoiled him at the game by buying a soft pretzel, peanuts, slur-pee, and skittles. I don't think Grandad knows how to say no!

The warm greeting when Grandad arrived. Notice the sports section in Grandad's hand? He has promised Ty he will give him the sports section of the paper everyday because Tyson has an interest in reading it!

Jax chased them away with a broom! LOL!