Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What was the key, in the keyhole, all about?

NO, we are NOT moving!!! At least not yet. LOL! Basically, while on a visit to our local LOWES Home Store, Tyson spotted the fun keys that they offer. We decided to make Tyson a copy of our house key. He chose the Virginia Tech theme. Is that a surprise to you? Anyway, Tyson has been waiting for 2nd grade to come for one reason and one reason ONLY. You see, 2nd grade is the first grade you are allowed to get off of the bus, ALONE, without a mommy or a daddy or a caretaker present. Tyson kindly asked me, after receiving this key, the following:

Tyson: "Mom, now that I am in 2nd grade, can you please not wait for me to get off the bus?"
Mom: "Seriously?"
Tyson: "YES please! I am excited to let myself into the house."
Mom: "But I enjoy seeing you hop off the bus honey!"
Tyson: "PLEASE!!!!!! I'll let you get me off the bus ONLY on Wednesdays."
Mom: "Okay, if you insist. :( "
Tyson: "Oh and can you please lock the door so I can use my key?"

It's sad to know that he no longer desires to see me after being at school for 7.5 hours. I guess he thinks it's cool to let himself into our home. There's nothing wrong with being a little independent, I guess. We won't be trying it today though since it's the first day of school. We will start this new milestone tomorrow.