Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TY's First Day of 2nd Grade!!!

August 21, 2012 began Tyson's first day of 2nd grade!

After showering and dressing (6:15 am), Tyson headed downstairs to find a few back-to-school surprises from mommy & daddy.
6:30 am:
Fresh Scrambled Eggs
A Whole Wheat Bagel with Butter
6:40 am:
7:00 am:
Brush Teeth
7:05 am:
Head to the bus stop!

The bus actually arrived 30 minutes late. YIKES! Nothing like starting off your first day of 2nd grade LATE!

On the way out to the bus stop, you know I didn't allow TY to escape without a few photos.
He was so happy to be going back to school. Darren and I are so thrilled that he loves school... so far, haha. How handsome is he?

I wanted Tyson's first day of 2nd grade to be fun and to feel special, so I was certain to send him off with a few special surprises that he eventually found in his snack bag and lunch box.

I added this "sweet treat" to his snack bag. Don't judge me that I sent candy in my child's snack bag. He also had some healthy items as well.
In his lunch box, he found these pizza flavored goldfish with a note that reads, "O-fish-olly in 2nd grade!"
And we wanted Ty to know that just because he's out of sight, that DOES NOT mean he is out of mind. It's not possible :) So Lilah and Jax allowed mommy to capture some of their sad faces on camera and we made him a photo college of pictures that read, "WE MISS YOU!" We put that in his lunch box as well. I hope this made him feel special and not embarrassed.
Finally, guess who else thought of Tyson on this back-to-school occasion? If you've read my blog long enough, you probably guessed it right.... Ashely. She doesn't skip a beat in serving others. Tyson was so excited to receive a package from the Harris family last night at football.

And then this am (at 6:52 am to be exact), Caleb and Cohen sent Tyson a picture message that read, "Have a great 1st day of school Ty! ~ Caleb & Cohen". I LOVE YOU ASHELY!