Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome Hank Michael Fernandez

Drum roll please...........
Here he is, the little guy we've all been waiting for! HANK MICHAEL!!!!!!

Lisa gave birth to him on August 8th and that same night, after church, the "Sensational 6" headed up to Roanoke Memorial around 9:00 pm to see mommy and baby. Lisa looked so beautiful. NO sign of just giving birth or exhaustion. AND Hank.... well.... let's just say he's pretty much flawless. He looks exactly like his daddy.
We were able to spend a good 1.5 - 2 hours with Lisa. We heard the story of her labor and delivery, what her sweet daughters thought of Hank, and as usual, we had a lot of laughs. Congratulations Lisa and Aaron on 'creating' another beautiful baby! God is so good to you BOTH.

Us girls will look for ANY excuse to be together.
This brings back a ton of memories for me X 2!

Erin snagged baby Hank first.
Jodster prepares to hold the baby!
You can dress these ladies up, but you CANNOT take them out. They are always up to no good. Meet Dr. Harris and Dr. Carroll.
"Mom, can you get these ladies out of here? I'm tired. It's been a really long day!!!" ~ Hank

I'm slightly late in getting these photos out. I switched memory cards, in my camera, and even as much as I have had to blog lately, I am still, somehow behind on a few things. Sorry Lisa! Please do NOT think for one moment that I would have ever let this one slip. You will see, life with 3, is a whirlwind.