Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lunch Box Fun/Ideas

I have made it my mission to make this year's lunches fun, different, healthy, tasty, and creative. I am also not opposed to providing my children with a little "pick-me-up" or "sweet treat". After all, doesn't everyone enjoy an iced coffee, a handful of m&ms, or a donut in the office once in a while? Here are a few things that I am excited to include in my kiddos lunch boxes this year. Nothing over the top, just fun, different, healthy, tasty, and/or creative.

Fun Napkins: Affordable, Fun, and Enticing to Use.
Like my collection ?
This napkin craze started last year.
Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Bread: Easier than Cookie Cutters, NO Crust, Fun, & Thin.
I don't buy these often. Maybe once a month. There are so many different ways to make a sandwich fun and this is just one way. I also enjoy using crust and cookie cutters.
Jokes, Notes, Facts, Memories and Scripture: They look forward to it. It educates. It makes them laugh. It reminds them of your love for them. It encourages them to think of their God throughout the day.
The FACT below is what I included in Tyson's lunch box today.
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahamfuls: I'm sure yummy. Different from a boring old graham cracker. Not overly junkie.
I was super excited when I spotted these because MOST filled items are filled with cheese, peanut butter, vanilla, or chocolate (which Ty despises). SO... when I saw that these were banana filled, I snagged them. I hope Ty enjoyed this in his snack bag today.
Single Serving of Pistachios: Easy, Healthy, Fun to Eat, and Impossible to Overeat Due to It Being Prepackaged.
Anything prepackaged is always a little more expensive, so I don't normally buy prepackaged stuff, BUT these were on sale (10) for $10.00.

Kraft String Cheese that Looks Like Crayons: It Educates. It's Creative. It's Creates Enthusiasm to Eat It.
The latest hype is to market and promote foods geared towards children. These string cheeses look like crayons. What a great way to teach the younger ones their colors and get them excited about which color cheese they want to eat.
Perdue Lightening McQueen Chicken Nuggets: A BOY'S DREAM COME TRUE!
I have YET to find this product, but spotted it in a magazine recently. Please let me know if you find these anywhere. MY ONLY CONCERN is that my boys will decide to use these as toys, instead of as nourishment (as nourishing as they can be). Of course, if I find them, I will only be serving them for lunch at home. I don't trust chicken nuggets in a lunch box. Would you?
I enjoy visiting different stores throughout the Roanoke Valley because I am always finding items that one store carries, but other stores do not. Target and Food Lion, believe it or not, are great for new finds.