Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2nd Day of 2nd Grade

Tyson is on day 2 of 2nd grade. He wasn't as anxious to get out of bed this morning, but he wasn't difficult or ugly either. He had football until 8:00 pm, the night before, so we were unable to put him to bed until 9:00. Poor kid has a jam packed schedule.

The morning was smooth. The bus was on time. Tons of things to praise God for.

I am doing my best to come up with some fun ways to make his snack bag and/or lunches exciting & fun. I am willing to share, so keep on reading :)

In Ty's snack bag today, I blended a snack to represent smores. Okay... not really because one of smores main ingredients is chocolate and Tyson despises chocolate. So... instead of chocolate, I added chocolate look-a-likes aka raisins. I am happy to use raisins anyway because obviously it is healthier, but for those of you who's children love chocolate, chocolate morsels would be a great alternative to really help replicate the yummy camping snack.

What does the snack include?:
1. Golden Grahams Cereal
2. Marshmallows
3. Raisins or Chocolate Morsels
For lunch, I included a joke that I thought was funny, but also, incase he's TOO COOL to receive notes from mom in his lunch box, it wasn't lame either. I actually stole this joke idea from the website I received an email, from their website yesterday, with lunch box ideas. Perfect timing. I will step this up a bit when I run out of clean, funny jokes and maybe do a "Did you know...." fact about my life with his daddy or an "I love you because..." thoughts of Tyson. The list is endless.
Sadly, Tyson is unfazed by this stuff. Maybe my little princess will appreciate it more when she is in school. Either way, I am having more fun packing his lunches. HAHA!