Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sand Art

Yesterday, I had high hopes of letting the kids partake in some "Glazed Biscuit" fun. It's our local "paint your own pottery" type store. Before arriving, I warned the kids, Ty especially, that it might not work out AND... it didn't. It's just too expensive in my opinion. I never have a problem spending money at Chuck E. Cheese or bowling etc., but the kids always have a blast and a meal is typically included in the high cost. At Glazed Biscuit, I would have walked out spending a minimum of $50 and it would have been accompanied with 3 pieces of tacky artwork. I promised Ty I would take him alone, one day this week, before school starts back up. Somehow, he just accepted it.

In exchange, we went next door to "Our Little Cherubs". This store is a high end, children's clothing boutique, but a section of the store is also designed for some fun, where little girls and boys, I guess, :) can make their own bath gels, fairy dust, and sand art.

For $6.00 a jar, the kids were able to get creative by choosing different colored sand to fill their jar up with. It took about 15 minutes or so. Just long enough to hold their attention. I wish Roanoke had a little more to offer kids. We've literally exhausted all options this summer except for the Frog Pond, the Safari Zoo, and Amazement Square, ALL OF WHICH my kids are getting to accomplish this week before Ty goes back to school.

Enjoy a peak of the sand art experience. You should let your kids give it a try too!!!

Ta da! All done. My only fear is that they get this brilliant idea to take the sand out of the jar. Good thing it is accompanied by a tight cork style cap.