Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 Front Teeth Update

I took Tyson to the orthopedic surgeon again. This appointment was his 6 month follow-up visit from the last appointment. I must not have understood the surgeon fully, the first time, because I was under the impression that there was a definite chance Ty would NOT have to have surgery. However, after this visit, I was informed that the surgery is inescapable. :( Tyson's 3rd front tooth will never fall out on it's own and that would leave 2/3 permanent teeth to stay impacted. I know it's not the end of the world, but it's still a little difficult to know Tyson has to go through this.
(Do you see the three front teeth?)

After I informed Tyson about the outcome, he said, "When I have the surgery, (long pause) is my brain not going to work right?" I think his daddy and he have watched one too many youtube videos about people on anesthesia and what it does to you. Ty had no idea how to ask the question... "Will I be a little confused after my surgery?"
This dental office is amazing. They are constantly going to "continuing educational" seminars on how to make their office a very kid/teen friendly environment. Tyson has a "credit card" that earns points every time he visits Dr. Wheelock's office. Eventually, he will be able to buy gift cards or toys with it. EVERY TIME Tyson visits Dr. Wheelock's office, he gets to spin this NEW wheel. There are three prizes available on it... a free bubble cake (located across the street), a free Deb's lemonade (on Brambleton Rd.), or a free T-shirt. This time around, Tyson won the free T-shirt.

We still do not have a surgery date. We will keep you posted.