Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Safari Park Zoo - End Of Summer Fun

Enjoy the photos of our trip to the Safari Park Zoo! It was an overcast day (71 degrees). The kids were soooooooooooo well-behaved and thrilled to be outdoors. The summer is coming to a close and FAST. It's bitter-sweet for me. Yesterday and today were one of those days I wish it wasn't ending. NOW if you would have asked me on Monday, ugh, that would have been a totally different story. We have a jam packed week planned out.

Monday - Sand Art
Tuesday - Christiansburg Aquatic Center (Was supposed to be Frog Pond)
Wednesday - Safari Park
Thursday - We Will Figure It Out
Friday- Amazement Square

Shew.............. Crazy last weeeeek of summer!

The truth behind the height of a giraffe vs. the height of a 3 year old.
Look at those adorable Llamas.
A turtle ride.
Ty was the first to get near this "loose" kangaroo.
"Hey Kangaroo, JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!" ~ Cohen
I'm not going to deny, this face to face conversation made me so nervous because this kangaroo was jumping on some people from time to time. Little does this kangaroo know how strong Cohen is. I'm pretty sure the kangaroo was equally at risk of getting "jumped"
I swear Ashely needs a farm of her own. She was all in these animals faces as much as the animals were in ours. LOL!
Tyson started chasing the Kangaroo. Apparently, he thinks he is qualified to run a race with a kangaroo.
"Cohen and Jax stop fighting!"
Cohen made himself right at home with his lightening McQueen toys and the zoo's tractor.
I love how close up you can get to such an amazing animal.
Hand feeding a giraffe.
Just missing Caleb! Cute photo.
Goofy faces!
The bigger boys focus on the fastest animal in the zoo.
"Wow, this turtle isn't moving very fast. You think he's dead?" ~ Cohen
The tractor is about to begin.
Jax really surprised me. No fear.
Lilah was a tad timid at first, but she eventually got the hang of it.
Cohen didn't realized how close the camel was to him. Cool pic.
The camels are the worst. They are so in your face and ready to steal your bucket of feed.
"No. You can't have my bowl Mr. Camel." ~ Cohen
Look who won this fight! "Mr. Camel" got away with the bowl!
In the process, the Camel bit Cohen. Ashely of coarse thought this was cool. She said, "I hope it scars. How cool would that be if he was able to tell everyone that the scar on his arm is from a camel bite."
"Uh, I'm not so sure that bucket is great for the digestive system." Not a very bright breed of animals obviously. This camel literally digested TWO of these buckets.
I love that you can pet all of these animals.
Josh enjoyed the Moose (I think that's what that was.)
Jax got up close and personal with the Bison. Ewe!
After Jax ran out of "feed", he used his bucket as a hat.
It's not rocket science.... that girl is WAY cuter than the camel. LOL!
"Seriously? You're choosing to sit next to me over my brother?" ~Caleb

"Yeah, I think your a little cuter and easier to deal with!" ~Lilah