Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Days AND Counting...

In 5 days, my first born, is heading off to 2nd grade. It seriously feels like just YESTERDAY that the bus picked him up for kindergarten. We received his teacher assignment on Saturday. We were PSYCHED to find out that Tyson will have the same teacher for 2nd grade that he had for 1st grade... Ms. Thomsen. Instead of Ms. Thomsen remaining a 1st grade teacher, she moved up. I was hoping and praying for her. She is awesome!!!! God answered those prayers. Thank you God!

Normally, I pick out Ty's book bag and first day of school outfit, but this year Tyson started expressing a desire to pick out his own back-to-school items. Unlike the last two years where I have had total control over these items :), this year, I only allowed myself the final "okay" :( I think that's fair. After all, he has to use it all year long.

Tyson has chosen to be decked out, from head to toe, with Under Armour clothing and a Virginia Tech book bag and lunch box. We had fun shopping at the "Gobbler Gear" store. If you've never been and you are a Hokie Fan, it's a total MUST SEE! They have everything VIRGINIA TECH you can imagine.

I took Ty to Dick's Sporting Goods and this is what he decided to wear to his first day of 2nd grade. If it was up to me, he'd would be wearing a polo shirt and khaki shorts :) Oh well! I am not sure what all the hype is about under armour but the boys LOVE IT! Tyson is all about comfort.
He's not just ready for school! He's ready for football season. LOL! Daddy was happy about this year's book bag/ lunch box selection.

Disclaimer: No UVA fans are allowed to comment on this post. ;) wink wink!