Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons!

Check out those HIGH DIVES. YIKES. It scared me just looking at it.

Our family was anxiously anticipating today for several reasons. 1. We had planned to spend the day with my dear friend Dawn and her children. 2. We were going to spend the day at the Frog Pond. We packed our lunches, loaded up the car, and were prepared to drive to Christiansburg. Unfortunately, we found out that Montgomery County Schools were in session, starting TODAY, and the Frog Pond is ONLY open on the weekends now. Booooooooo! Thanks to their daddy, John, who works up in Christiansburg, an alternate suggestion saved the day. We spent 4-5 hours at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. The kids had an absolute BLAST. Tyson was so excited to be able to use a real diving board. So excited, that he left the aquatic center saying, "Mom, I want to take swimming lessons and compete. I'd also like to start learning how to dive so I can use the high dive one day." Do you think the Olympics had an effect on him? LOL! When we arrived, we were the FIRST family in the entire building.

The cost?
$2 per child.
$5 per adult.
Time with friends PRICELESS!!!!

Dawn, it's so great to spend time with you and catch up. You are so easy to talk to and of course you always add humor to every moment. I'm glad we turned our lemons into lemonade. I love you!!!! Let's do it again SOON!