Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Good!

A dear friend of mine gave birth to a little boy named "HANK" on August 8th. I have yet to post his sweet pictures. I will do that SOON, I promise. I signed up to bring her dinner this past Sunday. Prior to cooking for them, I gave them a list of 8 dinner options and 8 dessert options. I wasn't sure what their taste buds were craving. Momma bear and Papa bear chose, surprisingly, the same dinner selection, but it didn't work out as smoothly when it came time to select dessert. Lisa chose my famous "Ooey-gooey bars" and Aaron wanted the Bananas a la mode Peanut Butter, dipped in chocolate, and frozen. I guess another way to say that is "Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Bananas". I didn't have the heart to satisfy one parent and not the other so I made both. Take a peak.

I like this dessert for so many reasons
a. It's relatively healthy, especially if you dip the bananas in dark chocolate.
b. You keep it frozen and eat it frozen, so it doesn't ever go bad.
c. It's cheap.
d. It's refreshing.
e. They are BEYOND delicious. I had two bite sized pieces today. OMG!

The ONLY downfall to this dessert, is you'd think it is EASY, but the dipping part is
a. Messy.
b. Difficult.
c. Not overly presentable.

I have a few ugly ones left over if anyone wants to taste them. I refuse to serve ANYTHING ugly, EVER. I am all about presentation.


TOP'EM With Peanut Butter

Be sure to freeze them for AT LEAST 6 hours. The chocolate will solidify fairly quickly, but you want the bananas to be hard. The frozen banana is what makes this dessert scrumptious.